September 27th, 2004

into this night i wander

"Do I try too hard to make you smile?", or "I wonder what my old imaginary friends are up to..."

Music manages to convey things I could never hope to say. I can't help but immerse myself in it. In fact, I fear I may have replaced emotional expression with music some time long ago and am only now realizing the full extent to which I have done this. There is no chance to survive, make your time.

Seriously though, it's becoming increasingly obvious to me that my behavior in social situations has changed a lot in the last 9 months. On the one hand, I'm much more of an extrovert. On the other, I've sheltered myself so much that I rarely have anything of value to say. That's not to say that I had much of value to say in the past, only to say that at least the chances were greater. Instead of becoming closer to people by being more outgoing, I've become more distant from everyone that matters to me. Hit rewind, reload an old saved game, I missed my train.

There's a new Elliot Smith album coming out next month. Purportedly, it's going to be his best album. It's sad that an artist's best work isn't enjoyed until they are dead.

So we sailed into the sun, til we found the sea of green...
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