September 26th, 2004

into this night i wander

I came here expecting next to nothing, so thank you for being that kind of girl...

I need a new bag because mine has been slowly falling apart for awhile. I've yet to justify the purchase for myself though. :/

Cheating Kay was awesome the other night. There was some minor awkwardness that evening that was non-related to the show itself, but the result of it has yet to rear it's head. I went out for the music, though, and it was good. If you have a chance, I suggest trying to catch Lapush from St. Louis and The Billions from Topeka.

You've gotta hope
That there's someone for you
Strange as you are
Who can cope
With the things that you do
Without trying too hard

I'm still looking for people to go see some shows with me. Chrissy, you know you want to go see Buck 65 with me. *strains to use his hypnotizing mind powers*

There's more. There's always more. We'll see if I get that far this evening.
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