September 16th, 2004


I'm a dangerous wigga, you bes' be recognizing!

I've been pulled over for walking. I've been pulled over for being from Wyandotte County and looking like a stoner. I was once pulled over in McPherson, KS because my headlights were dirty. Never, not once, have I been pulled over for being white. That is until this evening. So I'm in downtown KCK, driving around and just trying to enjoy the weather. I'm cutting over to 7th street and I pass a cop car that's facing the opposite direction, presumably checking the tags on the car it was parked behind. Being the paranoid person I am at night, especially in dark spaces, I drove by the car slowly to make sure I didn't hit a cop or anything. As I pass them, they shined their light into my car to get a visual id on me. I made it 50 ft before they turned around and followed me down the block. I made it onto 7th before they decided to flip on the lights and pull me over. Supposedly I didn't stop at a stop sign, even though I made sure to stop for a 5 count to make sure they'd have no reason to pull me over. They ran my driver's license, lectured me about being downtown with all the big, bad, scary black people, and let me go about my business without giving me a ticket. WTF mate?