September 14th, 2004


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There are far too many emo shows coming up in the next month or so. Death Cab For Cutie, Her Space Holiday, The Decemberists, Electralane, and Badly Drawn Boy. I'm probably missing more. I need a concert buddy to go to all these shows. Death Cab is already covered, but aside from Jen, I don't really have an emo concert buddy these days.

"Music will be the death of me," or "Jesus hath no love for posers."

Damn the chinese and their fortune cookies. I had a feeling they'd be right. Let's see just how right they were. This is unrelated to the rest of the post.

Upcoming shows I'd like to be at:
Cheating Kay - Sept 24th, Pyro Room, no clue on price, probably 21   Awesome show.
Electralane - Sep 30th, Jackpot Saloon in Low-Rents, $5, 21 : Skipped this one, didn't have the energy.
Her Space Holiday - Oct 2nd, The Bottleneck, $8. 18  AWESOME!
New Memphis - Oct 4th, The Hurricane, no clue on price, probably 21  Skipped again, needed to work.
Buck "GODDAMN" 65, Oct 5th, Jackpot Saloon, $7 at the door, 18  Yet another spectacular show!
Gift Of Gab, Oct 7th, Granada, $13, all ages  Skipped it, it wasn't that important to me.
Flogging Molly, Oct 12th, Beaumont, $15, all ages I <3 Irish punk music.
Death Cab For Cutie - Oct 15th, Beaumont Club, $15. all ages  I also <3 emo music
Badly Drawn Boy - Oct 18th, Liberty Hall, $17.50  I see why Nick Hornby loves this band.
The Decemberists - Oct 21st, Jackpot Saloon, $8, 18  I had no idea so many people shared my love for this band. It was a packed sardine can!
RJD2 - Oct 30th, Granada, $14, all ages

I'm afraid to look any further, for fear of the shows I may discover.
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