September 7th, 2004

pudding won't fill that hole but it'll h

Random thoughts from the road, before, during, and after my vacation...

I never learned what fights to fight and what fights to let go. I'll throw myself into the most lame and petty of arguments, but when it really matters, I cave rather than rock the boat. I look back and wonder where I'd be if only I'd have put forth the least bit of effort to fight for what I really wanted. Loss is a demon that you battle until you find something to replace it, be it from within or without.

I'm seconds away from figuring out
what I need to do with myself.
I'm seconds away from abandoning
the past.
I'm seconds away from giving up
on giving up on anything I can't stand
to give up.

Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.

Road trips are delicate affairs. They're almost as complicated to organize properly as a mix tape. That's not to say that I did not enjoy my trip, simply a comment on the complexity of ensuring that people who lead very different lives all enjoy themselves nearly equally.

Cardboy Ninjas are a threat to national security. The TSA's response to them is to run them through the x-ray machine until they look completely retarded for running a Cardboy Ninja through an x-ray machine more than once. A picture of him may appear when I get around to it.

Signals never work. People use radios with digital tuners because you can get exactly what you want out of them, whereas my old crappy tape deck tuner sometimes pulled in part Kenny G, part Pantera. While an interesting combination, I never could figure out what exactly I was supposed to do with what I had. Life needs a digital tuner. Of course then you might be able to break the code and figure it all out. It's best that my cover never be blown, for fear those who are chromosomally enhanced/challenged might get too close.
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