June 19th, 2004


Sometimes I feel like I could just drift away...

I've done absolutely nothing worthwhile today. I feel like throwing on my shoes and going out to do something, but I don't feel like wandering around alone. I'm also too lazy to call around and see if anyone is free. Maybe I'll just go for a ride. Maybe I'll just go to bed for the night. Harumph.
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    William Elliott Whitmore - Cold And Dead

Phone Post: weather...

177K 0:53
“I'm lovin this weather today. I wish I would have gone outside earlier while it was still sunny out, but whatever. Umm...like 68 degrees outside, which (uh) is unbelieveable for June in Kansas, especially... or at least it's unbelieveable for June in Kansas when the sky is clear, which happens to be the case right now. I'm hoping this lasts until Monday at the very least because I'd like to actually get out and do something tomorrow. I was thinking that this really feels like one of those nights where I'd like to be hanging out with like 5 or 6 people out at a park just hanging out. I dunno. I miss those old days. I'm a sentimentalist..uh..whiney by0tch. Don't mind me.”

Transcribed by: operakitty