May 4th, 2004


That's the way it should start...

Clear Channel's CEO underwent brain surgery last Friday. They were removing the last bit of humanity he had left and replacing it with a speaker that plays nothing but the current Top 40 chart, hosted by Casey Kasem.

American soldiers committing atrocities against foreign prisoners? American troops would never commit crimes against innocents and prisoners! *coughVietnamcough*

A search for Michael Jackson Underwear should not pull up over 300 results at I have nothing witty to say.

Who has to do research on how to knock a radio into a bath? She should have him locked up just for being that stupid.
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Whatchu gonna do?

<insert post made simply so i can show off the song i'm listening to>

I didn't even know the band who'd originally done this song. People all around the world know the words to this song, but no one knows who did it.
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