April 21st, 2004

the evilest of all primes

I've been down-hearted baby, ever since the day we met...

Some sick bastard out there told the CDDB that Wasp's "Still Not Black Enough" album was Gospel & Religious. I chuckle heartily.

For those playing the home version of our game, I start the new job on May 17th. Tomorrow is my drug screening (HAHAHA).

Holy crap! Donnie Darko is being re-released THEATRICALLY with 20 minutes of new footage. I realize they're only doing it because they know that they can rake in a pile of cash, but I still think it's awesome.

"We Built This City" is named the worst song of all time by Blender magazine. Unfortunately, this probably means it'll see a revival as people start clamoring to hear the worst songs ever.
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