April 19th, 2004

exploding dog - flowers stink

Can't think of what to say, can't think of what to do; I just think I might be losing my mind...

I need to remember to dig out my tape collection tonight. It occured to me that I ought to go through the ones recorded from the radio in my hunt to accumulate the classics of the early 90's. There's probably something psychological behind this drive to collect the music of my youth at such an early stage of my life. I'd like to believe that it's simply because I'm a music fan(atic) and that I'm just trying to make sure that my collection is as full as possible. There is a chance that I'm fooling myself. It's likely that I'm trying to reclaim a naive and innocent me that's been lost for a decade now.

Had I known I'd end up being at work this late, I'd have come in yesterday to get some of this crap done. Ahh well, I can always use the extra hours. Speaking of such things, I didn't hear about the job today. They told me they'd call today or tomorrow. Here's hoping my phone rings tomorrow.
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