March 28th, 2004


And now, a terrible joke that I found in a box of schtuff...

A man is walking down the street and stops to check his watch for the time. A few blocks later, he checks the time again. Suddenly, he realizes that his watch must be broke. Looking across the street, he sees a shop with dozens of clocks in the window. He ducks into the shop and asks the man behind the counter if he can fix his watch. The man replies "Nope, I’m not in the business of clocks and watches."
"What? What business are you in then?"
"I’m a moyle," the man replies.
"Why the clocks then?"
"What, you think there’s something better I should hang in the window then?"
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Seriously though

It's time to reacquaint, things are different now.

Some of the stuff that I thought I stole from Jen didn't copy over for some reason, most notably the Lewis Black and Rent. Yes, that's right, I admitted to wanting to have a copy of Rent and wanting to listen to it. Mark this as a memory to throw in my face some day in the far off future.

The reorganization of my room is about 90% complete. I still have a bunch of stuff that I need to put away, but all of the major work is done. It's too bad that it may all end up coming out of their in the near future, either to be moved downstairs or to a currently undisclosed location. It's a long story. Suffice to say that I wish I had another week of vacation.

Tomorrow I work. I'm thrilled. Seriously. Any more time around my mom and I'll be forced into seppuku.
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