February 26th, 2004

get back!!!

Don't say that you don't understand, don't say that you can't comprehend...

I FEEL GREAT!!! Probably the funniest commercial you'll never see. That woman scares me though. Skim through some of their other "commercials". These are the kinds of commercials I'd like to see on my tv. Absolutely brilliant.

Citizens in Madison find themselves asking their friends "are you UP for coffee?"

Climax, it's more than just a feeling.
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maybe i should wear pants

Rumors of invading armies and mass destruction are based on hysteria and are absolutely false!

People are going to think poorly of me for it, but I feel I must say it anyway. I don't own enough Slim Whitman. There, I said it. I have a weakness for weird country music. It's campiness devours my soul.

In other news, Passion kills. Don't expect this to be the first. Mel Gibson will cleanse the Earth, one way or another.

Dinner tonight with Chrissy, Monkey, and Haven. Good times, I'm sure.
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