January 20th, 2004

Cruising with Columbo

every time i look within, i recognize the darkness...

Ir's been an odd weekend.

Friday night: Went out with Chrissy and Monkey and hung out at the Point. Danced a little bit, but mostly just hung out. Good times still.
Saturday: Worked on clearing all the pr0n-ware from my grandpa's computer. This was left incomplete, as I just couldn't stand being at his computer any more. From there I met up with Marlena for some dinner and catching up. It's nice having her in the city again. I was supposed to go to a party at Bob's after that, but my mom decided she needed to steal the car and go to the casino. It ended up working to my favor anyway because I was in desperate need of sleep.
Sunday: Lunch with Leslie. Along Came Polly with my brother. Both were entertaining.
Today: Went back over to my grandpa's house and finished work on his computer. Three hours later, I finally got everything out of his registry, scraped out everything I could find in his files, and setting his internet settings to keep this from being an issue again. I'm not holding my breath, however. After that, I went and had hot chocolate at Java Break with Jamie. Things were awkward, but I think I'd be disturbed if they hadn't been. We discussed some things that needed to be discussed, though I still avoided a few bases (things I'm debating just ignoring anyway). Then I came home and curled up to watch Cowboy Bebop in an empty house. I need more anime exposure.

Many things are zipping through my skull right now. Fatigue is starting to kick in though, so I'm going to hunt for sleep.
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phonepost, beans beans the musical fruit

She tells me that I'm a pretty bullet, an imitation Christ...

i don't mind this
barefoot again
just a skin full
what we choose to forget
thinking you know
thinking you see all sides
casting a stone from your hand
yeah right

Image is everything.
the world revolves around the Perceived.
what's important is Beauty and the Facade.
depth has no place today.
character and integrity won't bring you unto the fold of Righteousness.
your Clique doesn't need to know your name.
your Celebrity doesn't thrive due to your humanity.
welcome to the 21st Century.
what you need to be Alive and Happy can be bought
in a Mall or a Bottle or a Pill or a Pipe,
in a Needle or a Hooker or a Psychiatrist's prescription pad.
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damn that he-man

What was that? Can anyone understand the geezer?

Signs I'm getting old: I'm finally being given a chance to get involved in a 401k plan and am seriously considering. I can also get in on our profit sharing plan, but I need to read more about it.

WTF? I'm too young to have this stuff be a concern. Alternately, I'm young enough to get in on the wagon and ride it long enough to make some major cash. Next thing you know, I'll be shopping for crematoriums.
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