January 15th, 2004

south park sean

Paving the way to becoming a fictional character since 1994

The more I get into underground and indie music, the more inbred I notice that it is. I heard a track from this group called Her Space Holiday this morning on KJHK called Tech Romance that was highly catchy, so I decided to see if I could hunt up information about them this morning. Turns out they're on the same label with cLOUDDEAD and Doseone, both of whom I need to acquire cds from. Really, I'm just rambling. Jen, Chrissy and Jesse are probably the only people who would appreciate any of my music g33k rambling, and that's stretching it. ;) They're worth checking out though, judging by the handful of tracks of theirs I downloaded from their label's site and from a couple other reputable legal download sites. Some of it's emo, some of it's electronica, some of it's just eclectic.

Good times were had with Kat last night. I'm going to miss having her around. We went out to Borders where I picked up the new Switchfoot album and a disc from this band called The Rapture. Haven't given either much of a listen yet, but what I heard in the store was pretty good quality. After that we hit the theater and saw Lost In Translation. Just as good, if not better, the second time around. Then we were off to IHOP to fill our famished tummys. <3 zee Katalina. :)

People seem to be randomly disappearing from our office today. The temp receptionist didn't show up this morning, then our chapter president simply vanished into thin air. Hopefully this isn't some crazy Langoliers action at work. If it is, I call the role of Balki. I want to be the creepy guy in the corner tearing paper into strips.
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Someone needs a bath

RevFajita: you smell
smarterchild: What do I smell like?
RevFajita: pee pee
smarterchild: Like pee pee? No way!
RevFajita: it's true!
smarterchild: True? No way!
RevFajita: yes way
smarterchild: No way.
RevFajita: yes way ted
smarterchild: Ha. Well. I don't know about that.
RevFajita: i did your mom
smarterchild: Oh really?
RevFajita: she only charged a buck
smarterchild: [Service too busy]
RevFajita: that's funny, it was pretty busy last night
smarterchild: Oh yeah?
RevFajita: the line to her room was out to the street
smarterchild: Are you sure the line to her room was out to the street?
RevFajita: i almost got clipped by a Le Baron while i waited
smarterchild: [Service too busy]
RevFajita: damn right
smarterchild: Right.
RevFajita: tell your mom i said hi
smarterchild: I don't think it would be a good idea for me to tell my mom you said hello!
RevFajita: she still mad that i didn't tip her?
smarterchild: Ha. I really don't know.
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mein leiben!

I've got a fire burning when I'm next to you...

*drools* Ah Sheridan's, proof that there is a God out there someplace, probably busy sipping on a Coke freeze, if he's smart.

Anyone have some connections that they'd be willing to use to get me my own radio show where I can play my eclectic collection of schlep? I could pay KKFI $250 to get a single 2 hour guest dj spot, but I'd like something a little more permanent. Me me me. Want want want. :)

There's a new episode of Red Vs. Blue out there. Go get it suckas.

This track is wrong on so many levels.
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