January 3rd, 2004

into this night i wander

The price of a memory is the memory of the sorrow it brings...

It's sad that no one else on LJ has an interest in Cheating Kay. They're a good band, even if they are a local act.

Though it may have seemed as though I didn't hear you earlier, I did. Yes, when I said I didn't know how to properly express things, your gift was included in that statement. Take that statement as you will.

The fates have decided I must suffer a rather strange curse. Completely (in)appropriate music always finds a way to invade my life. It's something that I've grown used to over the years, but occasionally it still creeps me out.

Being in the presence of other people makes it easier to ignore inner turmoil. Being alone in the late hours of the evening does not.

I'd like to burn a couple of cds. The effort it'd take to hook up my burner is greater than the amount of effort I'm willing to exert, however.

When I get up the motivation, I plan to go back and adjust the viewing rights on some of my older posts. Some of them may go private, some public, some may just be available to more or less people than they are now. Maybe I'll be that bored this week at work.

There's a story in me that's trying to get out. I just can't seem to put it into words though. Stupid rollercoasters.
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