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January 2004 - Revisionist Historian Extraordinaire! — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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January 2004
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04:28 pm: These days I feel like I'm fading away... - 2 thoughts
11:12 am: We're always on this rollercoaster...
07:31 pm: It hurts to always have to be honest to the one that you love... - 3 thoughts
11:09 pm: The price of a memory is the memory of the sorrow it brings... - 3 thoughts
02:36 pm: Stormy couldn't fix a sandwich! - 1 thought
03:06 pm: Jen's doing the dance of the poopy pants
01:05 am: Everything will change... - 3 thoughts
11:33 pm: (no subject)
12:08 am: OMFG!!! - 6 thoughts
02:14 pm: Hi, I'm still whack, but I'm no longer a kooky wanna-be... - 4 thoughts
12:15 pm: You think you can fit me in that anorexic space between love and hate? - 2 thoughts
12:46 pm: If dreams are like movies then memories are films about ghosts... - 4 thoughts
01:30 pm: (no subject)
04:37 pm: Derrr, I play bongos! - 4 thoughts
04:36 pm: (no subject)
05:04 am: I'm not so sure my time isn't running out...
12:14 pm: A simple carpenter's son who learns to do magic tricks like that and doesn't go into show business?!
03:31 pm: Here it is considered the height of bad manners to refuse an offer of sexual coupling...
04:44 pm: It's been so long that I've forgotten how to be a real boy... - 2 thoughts
01:22 am: I want to leave today. The sky is big and my life is small. - 6 thoughts
11:43 am: I can't remember all the times I tried to tell myself to hold on to these moments as they pass... - 3 thoughts
04:37 pm: I hope to never see someone I don't know in the mirror... - 11 thoughts
11:22 pm: I don't strike a pose, I strike posers... - 4 thoughts
10:27 am: Paving the way to becoming a fictional character since 1994
11:27 am: Someone needs a bath
03:00 pm: I've got a fire burning when I'm next to you...
01:32 pm: You can't make someone love you with a song... - 1 thought
11:27 am: (no subject)
02:38 am: If it makes you less sad, I will die by your hand...
09:56 am: you're always made-up...
12:55 am: every time i look within, i recognize the darkness...
01:46 pm: She tells me that I'm a pretty bullet, an imitation Christ...
03:58 pm: What was that? Can anyone understand the geezer? - 5 thoughts
12:02 pm: We need to reacquaint, things are different now. I ain't the same man I was. Hi, how're you doing? - 2 thoughts
11:29 pm: it's just a little game you play - 3 thoughts
10:01 am: (no subject) - 1 thought
06:45 pm: Phone Post
11:56 am: Buy me a shiny new machine that runs on lies and gasoline... - 2 thoughts
04:39 pm: Screw you major labels, I'll download mp3s from awesome bands on INDIE labels. :P - 3 thoughts
11:29 am: (no subject) - 1 thought
03:46 am: (no subject) - 3 thoughts
11:34 am: Sometimes I'm simply a raving loon
12:43 pm: I'm on my way down now, I'd like to take you with me... - 1 thought
11:44 am: (no subject) - 5 thoughts
04:23 pm: My halo is wearing thin...
02:05 pm: You kill the joe, you make some MORE!!! - 2 thoughts
12:22 am: I'm not sure who I am but I know who I've been - 3 thoughts
11:15 am: (no subject)
03:27 pm: I don't know why I feel so...
03:06 pm: (no subject)
05:21 pm: No one hears me sing this song... - 6 thoughts
05:27 pm: (no subject) - 1 thought
08:39 pm: (no subject) - 7 thoughts
11:32 pm: (no subject)