December 26th, 2003


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A quick note to those coming tomorrow night: my mom has tenatively agreed to be so gracious as to go pick up food from Subway for those that supplant her with money for said sandwiches. I'll be hitting the store today or tomorrow for some chips and soda and people are more than welcome to bring other things, if they like. I <3 brownies myself. ;)
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I am the birthday cake that you light up, blow out, cut up and forget about...

Problem: Hunger.
  Solution A: Make some mac & cheese.
    Pro: No more hunger.
    Con: Not hungry for it, too much effort for too little reward.
  Solution B: Cereal.
    Pro: No more hunger, easy to make.
    Con: Not very fulfilling.
  Solution C: Pizza delivered to the door.
    Pro: Easy, relatively cheap, left-overs.
    Con: Pizza Hut is the only place that'll deliver to my house, but I'm on Pizza Hut burnout.
  Solution D: Go hungry.
    Pro: Cheap, easy, no poisons entering the system.
    Con: Nothing entering the system.

Maybe I'll just make some popcorn and watch The Tick.
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