December 25th, 2003


If I only could make a deal with God...

Once upon a time, I'd be up right now tossing and turning, trying to exorcise the excitement of the day to come. These days I just don't sleep. I miss the days of magic and surprise. Occasionally I'll find myself with a fleeting grip on those feelings, but they always slip out of my grasp. I'm told that this is the price we pay for growing up. I say that it's the price we pay for growing old. Regardless, I'm flat broke, so can I put growing up/old on layaway for just a few more years?

If there were a cure for this, I'd give my arm for it. As it is, if there is a cure for this, I'd be forced to give my soul. Instead I'll just write late night babble and make myself look like a sad bastard. C'est la vie.
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    Placebo - Running Up That Hill