December 10th, 2003

into this night i wander

Don't talk to me about being alone...

I hope they declare tomorrow a snow day at work. I <3 snow days. The teevee says that the winter storm warning doesn't end until 6 am. That'd imply that we're up for 5 1/2 more hours of this crazy half-blizzard. From the looks of it, it's having a hard time sticking out there. I'm not too surprised though, seeing as how the snow is coming in SIDEWAYS!

I forgot how much I like R.E.M. They can be hit or miss sometimes, but for every song I don't care for, they've got 2 more great ones.

Oh no, I've said too much...
I haven't said enough...
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Plain old Zod...

Maybe this year will be better than the last...

In sci-fi/space adventure films, why do you rarely see black painted ships? At the very least, you'd think that they'd paint their fighters black to give them some sort of advantage. If not the good guys, then at least the enemy. It'd provide the cheapest and most effective defense in open space. It might not be as effective near large objects (stars, planets, asteroids, a field full of battlecruisers or transport craft), but how many average pilots would be able to spot a black ship against the black inkyness of space? Just a pondering.

Last night's snow storm sounded like an airplane trying to land on my house. It provided for some strange dreams.

Yesterday would've been 6 months, give or take some time off, depending on how you like to track such things. I only mention it because it occured to me last night and those sorts of things mean something to me. There's something about setting markers in the past for you to measure yourself by in the future. Where have I come from? Why am I here? How did I end up like this?

Tonight I'm stealing the car. First order of business is to see about a haircut. Leslie is taking care of that for me because she is teh awesome. After that, I don't know what I'm up to. We shall see.

Are you coming to the Dec 27th movie night?


Suggestions for food/snacks?

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Phone Post:

1076K 4:55
“things i love doing on a wintery night. digging my car out of a ditch. so i'm heading home, picking up my clippers cause i'm going to head over to leslies so she can buzz my head for me because really i feel kinda lazy about doing it today and she was willing to do it. so i was leaving my house and driving up a hill and my car starts to slide a little bit because i can't get any traction. so i figure no big deal. so, i back down the hill and <blah blah blah about backing> and as i'm backing down the hill my back end starts to slide, and i slide into the ditch and i think, "aw great". so i try to move forwards, can't get any traction. try to move backwards, can't get any traction either. call my brother up tell him to come down the driveway and help me get my car out of the ditch. we're digging up the snow behind the tire to try and get some dirt. no there's a log there. it seems when the tornado hit the house, there were a couple of trees behind the house that we had broke up and there were a few logs from that tree that were too big for my mom to reasonably do anything with, so rather than break them up, she chucked it down the hill down the ditch next to the road. so my brother and i go get an axe and a couple of shovels and try to get this log out from underneath the car. after a five or 6 times of sawing back and forth, we manage to get the log out. it was heavy enough it took all of our strength to lift it and move it. so, we get the log out and the car out and no big deal. i'm backing up the hill, backing up into the driveway and i start to slide a little and i can't get any traction and i can't get up the driveway. i get about 6 ft on the driveway. so i'm like "aw crap" alright, i'm just going to park the car, rather hold my foot on the break and double foot it and pop it into second gear and get some speed going up the hill. i get up the hill, and i get up the driveway to the top of the hill blah blah blah whatever. i'm like alright i'm good to go. i come around the corner and drive around 67th. i drive around 67th and there's a ford bronco around 67 turned diagonally covering both lanes, and two white guys in their late 40s doing a chinese firedrill in the middle of the street. and here i am going "hm, i'm in a fairly straight area of road, and i'm losing my traction. god forbid that they put salt down in this neighborhood." so i'm parked there waiting for these two guys to go, so after a few moments they finally get going, and i've lost my traction completely. and i'm hopping mad and about ready to chase these guys down and kick their asses, except that i can't becasue i can't catch them. finally i put the car in reverse and drive back 6 inches, and then forward and i have no problems. and i'm finally finally finally on my way. i hate trying to drive in the winter. i know some of you love the snow, and i love seeing the snow too, i love seeing the snow everywhere except on the damn road. and yes, i have all weather tires. so its not an issue of you're driving with the wrong kinda tires. and i have brand new tires so its not an issue of the treads being worn down. and i know how to drive in snow...”

Transcribed by: multiple users