November 21st, 2003


I've got this hole that I can't find and I can't fill but I can't live feeling it still...

I'm having trouble focusing on work today. Too little to be done. Too little to keep my focus on. Too many reminders that I'm not even supposed to be here today. C'est la vie. And apparently iTunes hates me today. It seems to be having a knack for playing things I don't want to hear. If it keeps this up, I'm going to have to post it's playlist for the day just for my own amusement. You folks out there won't care, so you can just skip that post.

For that matter, I'd suggest just removing me now. It'll encourage me to stop posting. :-P
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    The Notwist - Propeller 9

If I wanted your pity, I'd have asked for it. If I cared for your opinion...wait, I don't.

The buzz about Jacko makes me chuckle. The fact that this is even newsworthy is a sign of how sad things are in our world. The fact that he still has fans makes it even worse. </snobbery>

Remember Jonathan Brandis? No? That's probably why he allegedly hung himself. SeaQuest wasn't too bad of a show though.

So when is the next super-meteorite coming?

Hey Jen, seen this guy in your neighborhood? ;)

Help! Send me money!
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