November 19th, 2003


It's 4:30 am on a Tuesday, it doesn't get much worse than this...

Honey, all the movements you're starting to make
See me crumble and fall on my face
And I know the mistakes that I've made
See it all disappear without a trace
And they call as they beckon you on
They say start as you need to go on
Start as you need to go on

The fun thing about being awake at 4 am is that words easily turn into similar words and then you start to chuckle at your mistakes. Depot becomes despot, becomes Pol Pot, becomes frying pan. Sanity's grip on the brain during the hour of the damned makes all things laughable and deadly serious all at once. I say that only half-heartedly and even less-mindedly.

I got bones beneath my skin, and mister...
There's a skeleton in every man's house
Beneath the dust and love and sweat that hangs on everybody
There's a dead man trying to get out
Please help me stay awake, I'm falling...
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    Sarah McLachlan - Good Enough