November 17th, 2003

maybe i should wear pants

It reads like a cross between chinese and algebra...

I've reached the stage where songs that I haven't heard in a long time are pulling me out of the funk, or at least they lift my spirits temporarily. Thank you Smashing Pumpkins. You weren't a completely worthless band. ;)

This morning nearly killed me. Fifteen feet away from me, death waved hello. Luckily there was a wall between us, though that wouldn't have done much to protect me. So I'm standing there in the shower, rinsing off and looking out the window at the downpour that was coming through, when I was suddenly blinded and deafened. A lightning bolt struck the yard 15 ft from the house, just outside our bathroom window. I went flying out of the shower within seconds. The liklihood that I'd get electrocuted from the shower was low, but I wasn't taking any chances. Very nearly made me jump out of my skin. A freakish middle to an otherwise pleasant morning. I'd have prefered to spend the day out in the rain, but driving in it to work will have to suffice.

"What're you talking about, the human brain doesn't work like that!"
"The professor isn't human."

"Sorry, being chased by an alien machine, can't stop! Yes, I know it's one way!"

I love Time Lord humor...
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