November 6th, 2003

suppa shredda

i will soon be more powerful than 100,000 men

Apparently Bobby Hatfield of The Righteous Brothers lost that living feeling.

Dean's not a racist or a bigot, he just wants them to vote for him. How does that make him any different than other politicians? Come on folks, admit that you want everyone to vote for you, even poor white rednecks who like to watch wrestling.

TV exec admits that tv sucks ass.
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If you're trying to reach me today by cell phone, I'm not really dead. Something's going on with T-Mobile's service, causing it to think that my number doesn't exist. However, I can make outgoing calls without a problem. Damned solar flares. :P
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into this night i wander

can music save your mortal soul?

Tomorrow night I shall be domestic and prepare dinner. Ph33r by00tch35! My question, though, is this: why would anyone want mustard on their chili? That's just disgusting. Blech.

I don't know if my cell phone is recieving calls now or not. T-Mobile's customer care isn't playing their "Our network is fuxx0r3d" message anymore, so I'd assume all is well. *shrugs*

In the future, man will have the power to mold reality to his own personal tastes. When man reaches that point, our race will cease to exist. Either the constant changes to reality will cause it to collapse in upon itself or one person will infringe upon another person's happiness and they will bring about the destruction of our race. Hopefully a descendant of mine would take away such a powerful gift and then wipe the memory of it from the minds of all mankind. More likely he'd wish our race simply hadn't existed so that nature might have had an opportunity to exist without our interference.

I feel like some jello. I think I might make some jello tomorrow morning for dessert tomorrow evening. I'm Captain Domestic.
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