October 14th, 2003

into this night i wander

on being the sacrificial lamb of good intentions...

*sigh* I give up, I'm done. Everyone can solve their own problems, personal and interpersonal. I'm tired. More tired then I've been in a long time. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Even that statement demands more hope than I have left in my system. </angry bitter sad frustrated babble>
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    Seven Mary Three - Times Like These
Seriously though

there are no useful drugs to escape from feeling numb...

...in other news, the general surreality of life in the universe increased 25 points today. as a matter of principle, not to mention emotional salvation, once again i'm going to have to be the bad guy. i hope this doesn't become a trend...and no, this post has nothing to do with any of you. still, i don't feel like mentioning it. giving it words only makes it more real and makes it seem as though i'm not washing my hands of the situation. blah. i need a real vacation.