October 13th, 2003


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today i'll be the bad man. nothing short of a psychotropic nightmare full of hookers and spacemen shall change that.
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    Atmosphere - Always Coming Back Home To You
into this night i wander

well everybody's tired of something...

would you catch me if i was fallin'
would you kiss me if i was leavin'
would you hold me cause i'm lonely without you...

i'm of a strange humor lately. i'm nauseatingly sweet and cute. i'm annoyingly witty and clever. i'm terribly bitter and angry. i'm full of piss and vinegar, gloom and doom. i'm sagely distant and intimate all at once. i'm lonely. i want my space. i need people. i'm sentimental and nostalgic. i hate my old sound and can't find my new sound. can't remember where i'm going, but i can't go back the way i came either.

eventually it stops making sense to me, much less to anyone else. that's nothing new.