October 9th, 2003


(no subject)

Things that make me laugh while I use a shitty internet kiosk at the airport:

Overhead summons for Mr. Griswold and Tim Curry.

Crappy internet kiosks.

Hearing teenage girls say "OMFG, I've got to post about that on my journal!!!1!one!!two!" I presume she meant LiveJournal, but her journal could've been Dead.

According to this kiosk, the average person thinks about this kiosk every 5.3 seconds. I guess we'd all better catch up.

That crazy ringtone sound that the train makes everytime it arrives and departs (Denver airport has a train between the actual terminal and the building where you come in/pick up your baggage.)

The fact that my brain is too tired to remember how to do a bulleted list.

Stupid lists.