September 26th, 2003

Seriously though

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For anyone that cares, I leave for Denver on my training "mission" at 2:40 pm on October 5th, returning around 9:30pm on the 9th. If you have any aspirations to attempt to steal a plane or make an ass of yourself on a plane, please refrain from doing it on either of these flights as I'd like the opportunity to enjoy my brief jaunts back and forth. Plus, I'll be forced to poke you in the eye for it. Any suggestions of things I should try to do in Denver while we're there? I'm told we'll be staying downtown, so places convenient to downtown would be preferable, as well as things that are reasonably cheap. I'm sure Susan and I will be trying to find something to do to entertain ourselves Sunday afternoon/evening since we'll probably be done getting settled at the hotel by 5. My nights are currently empty Sunday through Wednesday, but I've an inkling a few of our cohorts in Denver will want to drag us out at least one of those nights. I just don't want to spend my evenings cooped up in a hotel room like we did in Boston. Blech.

That Don Iguan is a smooth operator. I want to be like him when I grow up.
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