September 18th, 2003


(no subject)

Movie Night is this coming Saturday night. As in the Saturday that'll be here in two days. Everyone should be there at 6, as usual. I'm not sure as to what the food situation will be. Anyone have any requests/suggestions? My vote is to have some pizza, though I'm in the mood for some quality frozen pizza rather than having something delivered from Pizza Smut. I'm going to probably make my grocery store run for soda and such on Saturday afternoon, so if you have a special request for me to consider, you have until then to make it known. :P

As for what we're watching, I would like to show Dune still. However, there have been some groans in regards to whether we should watch it. After much deliberation, I've still not come to a concrete resolution but I think I'm nearing a decision. What we will probably do is watch the first disc, then I will take a vote as to whether or not we should continue watching it or if we should change gears. That way everyone will be forced to give it a chance, but if there's a call to watch something else, then those people who aren't enjoying it will not be forced to endure any more.