September 6th, 2003


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Massive Habit - Insane Asylum

I am bound by the fetters of the hypothetical world
Stuck in a place that is not real I must escape this insane asylum
Schizophrenic paranoia. The walls are trying to eat me
People tell me that I'm not normal
The devil speaks and the angels beat me
Hysterical genius: I'm just a little outspoken
Obsessive compulsive: three more times and the spell is broken
Straightjacket not enough my mind will fly away when it wants to
Leave the lights on shut your eyes
But you will never hide from the ghost who haunts you

I don't like locks on the bedroom doors
Should I Jump from the window on the third story floor and
Fly and if I break my arms at least I had the balls to try

Masochistic, telepathic
In the past, tick tock, futuristic
On a machine, electrified thought
I feel like an experimental robot
I can count the stars. I'm invincible
So why do you thinketh I'm incapable
I love to sing. I'm addicted to music
High and low end, mid range use it

Push me down, I will fall, then I'll stand with the strength I had times ten
I will soon be more powerful than one hundred thousand men
Though it hurts and I bleed a bit I will try it once again

Sometimes I get a little carried away
I'm running out of things to say
Don't need attention but I like exaggeration
I cannot help this dumb infatuation
Thank you Buddha, Jesus
Thanks to everybody here who has to see it to believe it
I'm sorry that I was born to be me

I don't like locks on the bedroom doors
Should I Jump from the window on the third story floor and
Fly and if I my arms at least I had the balls to try

Hypothetical human
Or maybe I'm just pathetical
Psychopathological liar
They consider me critically medical
I'm staring at the waters edge
The ripples in the sink are my waves in the ocean
The doctor's on his way
To calm my soul with the magic potion
Held by the troubles of the three dimensional world
Stuck in a time that is not real
I must escape this vast illusion and fly
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    massive habit - insane asylum

so i'm trying to break into hiphop and i'm wondering if ortho-tricyclene will help my flow...

Random thoughts:

Am I one of the few people left that I know that isn't using a drug of some sort for recreational purposes? Not to suggest that I plan to start, because I've no interest in it. It just occurs to me that just about everyone I know, in some capacity, is ingesting some sort of narcotic or large dosage of alcohol or god knows what else in a recreational capacity. I've yet to decide if that makes me sad or if I've grown desensitized to it.

There's something wrong with the world when you glance over at the clock at 2:15 pm and think "Man, I've been up for 12 hours already." I need some sleep.

My music collection needs some more soulful R&B/Jazz to it. However, I wouldn't even know how to begin to describe what I'm looking for without forcing people to listen to a few hiphop tracks. C'est la vie. Slowly but surely, I will acquire what I need for my music collection. I also need some Willie Nelson.

Why does that 4th "terrorist" remind me of Mr. Conklin?

I'm glad my life doesn't involve much bullshit posturing or in(s)ane drama. I don't have the patience for any of it these days. Maybe I'm getting old.

Movie night in October will be on October 11th. No voting this month.
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