August 20th, 2003

maybe i should wear pants

all the things that i live with, i can't easily hide...

Sometimes I have something intelligent to say. Sometimes I ask questions others don't dare ask. I've always had a problem with writing strange and cryptic poetry, the meaning of which ends up lost over the years. Occasionally I'll post something that'll become ironic later*. Sometimes I'd rather just let someone else's words do the talking for me. There was a time that I was idealistic but angsty. Now I'm just angsty. ;)

*Note the date that copy of Time was published. Mussolini, a dim-witted fascist dictator, on the cover of Time on September 11th, 1939. Fascism on September 11th. Ok, so it's a stretch. Still, ironic to a degree.
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ugh my head..., see what office life will get ya?

take a deep breath, see the sun shine

A short story for you kids this evening. For the past, oh, close to two months, I've been talking with a reporter with the Associated Press regarding an article about Livejournal and the people that use it. It's gotten kind of personal, but no more personal than I am with all of you already. Today, a photographer was supposed to come by to take a few pictures of me for the article. You know, those kind of lame "action" shots that you see now and then of some g33k at his computer using a web site. Well, I came home a little early this afternoon, made sure that my room was all nice and clean for the photos. I'd set up Chrissy's lamp nonchalantly beside me, hoping that I might be able to sneak it into the picture for her. My Sad Girl now hangs over the window on the left wall of my room as it was supposed to be eons ago. My room looks great. I was done getting everything straightened up with 15 minutes to spare. Then God decided that He hated me. Bzzzt. The electricity in the house goes out. No power for my laptop. No light for my room. When the photographer arrived, I explained the situation to him. We tried running extension cords to his power converter in his truck. No luck. We tried running extension cords to a power converter in my car. No luck. I ended up having to pose for the picture out on my front porch. Which, if it were winter or at least 25 degrees cooler out, I might actually be out there using my laptop. However, it isn't. It's ass-hot outside. I wouldn't be caught dead outside in this heat with my laptop. C'est la vie. With the pictures taken, the photographer left and I proceeded to go lay on the basement floor, awaiting the return of electricity. Around 8:30, the power finally came back on. And now we're here.

I vow this day, before my life force is completely spent, I shall gain vengeance upon you Murphy! Vengeance!!!
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