August 15th, 2003

into this night i wander

will you love me if i'm a mess?

we look at each other
we are not what we see
i see beauty and fragility
you see strength and wisdom
i'm not strong
you're not easily broken
i haven't been bright for years
you aren', i lie, you are beautiful
in the grand scheme, we're so small and
but you mean the world to me nonetheless
love can come knocking on my door but
we're busy rolling round on my floor
lock eyes, wondering what we're hoping for
searching and hiding from something more
hand me a new pair of pants, the seat in these
have been ridden far beyond their expiration date
remember when this was not
remember when this could not
remember when this brought hope
remember this might be right
remember this might be wrong
remember this moment because it
could end so quickly
remember this moment because
i will cherish it forever
you drew me out, i drew you in
you turned on the light, i saw what you dared not let be seen
you let me in, i let you be
i let you in, you breathed life into me

pretty incredible for a couple of
people just trying to make it through the day