August 5th, 2003

Seriously though

now to find where i belong...

Briefly, before it slips my mind or my computer crashes and devours my giant "trip in a nutshell" post, I thought I'd mention that I'm home and that Jen did not kill us all while we were there. A good time was had and I'm glad I went.

Also, to Jamie and Jen, I think I figured out where the Gameworks is going in at in Kansas City. The same company that built Newport on the Levee is constructing a shopping complex on the opposite corner of the I-29/Barry Road stretch where the AMC Bajillion and the Barnes & Noble are in North Kansas City. 3 of their other shopping centers (including Newport) have Gameworks locations. I also found something about them signing a lease for space within Bannister Mall (which is going through a major reform, from what I've been told). The Gameworks website doesn't say anything about future locations and I haven't been able to find any news articles anywhere mentioning it either. We shall see.

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I promise you, I will treat you well, my sweet angel...

Muhrrrr. I'm in full-on zombie mode today. My brain is mush and occasionally I mutter something completely non-sensical to myself without any fore-thought. This is why I haven't written about the trip yet. It's easier to type about something when your eyes aren't drifting shut ever tew minutes. Blah blah blah. Must. Eat. Brains. Must. Sleep. Muhrrr..............*eats small child* Oh wait, i'm a zombie, not a troll...
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