August 1st, 2003

Seriously though

wipe that golden tear from your mother, dear, and raise what's left of the flag for me...

This time tomorrow I'll be enjoying a drinky drink or two or four and playing some video games at Game Works in Cincinatti. Ahh yeah, nothing says "good time" like a giant arcade with a bar in it. I think I'll have a few of my favorite vodka drinks and then play a skateboard game or something involving a waverunner. I smell good times ahead. ;)

So yeah, we leave for Cincinatti at 7 tomorrow morning. 10 to 12 hours of driving eastwards with Kat and Jamie. Should provide to be entertaining. Unfortunately, my grand playlist, my special "It's early morning and I need to wake up if I'm going to drive this morning" playlist, my "this is going to be fun, a little loud, and damn good" playlist, my "let's get this roadtrip on the road" playlist, has been nixed because Jamie's car has no source of electricity for my laptop or harddrive. God hates me. Or them, as I'm going to require Flogging Molly and/or Beck's Odelay to appease the early morning gods. They're particularly angry and vile gods and need something to get them in a little more chipper of a mood occasionally.

Updates may arrive from Cincy, depending on time and whether or not my laptop will connect to Jen's networked apartment. We shall see. Talk to you kids again in 4 days. :)
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