July 5th, 2003

Cruising with Columbo

in the time of chimpanzees, i was a monkey

dropped by the office for a few minutes to check zee email and zee livejournal. my 4th of july was pretty lame until about midnight or so. the family was out at various places, so i went out with heather for the evening. we made the mistake of going to xo to hang out, which was dead. eventually we wandered over to ac's where we found chrissy and gang. hung out there until 3:30 or so when a couple jackasses started a fist fight, summoning a large clump of fuzz. then we vacated, i went home, slept until 1 pm or so. cleaned up the house a bit today (wow, productivity!), dodged going to visit family. i'm waiting to hear from jamie about whether or not we're hanging out tonight, but i'm betting that, since it's 8:15 pm, we probably aren't. might meander down to buzzard to hang out with chrissy and gang tonight. *shrugs*

i lead a rather vanilla life. sometimes i wish for a little tapioca, maybe some chocolate from time to time. vanilla gets old after awhile.
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