July 1st, 2003

Plain old Zod...

you see, i have a policy about honesty and ass-kicking which is if you ask for it, i let you have it

I've finally gotten around to reading Chuck Palahniuk's Invisible Monsters. Got through about 100 pages last night, so far so good. It doesn't match Survivor, but still enjoyable. It seems he's got a guide to Portland, Oregon coming out pretty soon. Too bad that wasn't available before your trip out there Jesse. I'd imagine it would've been an entirely different experience to have that book handy.

Anyway, I mention that I'm reading Invisible Monsters because it inspired me to do a guerilla writing/art project. I'm a creepy person who finds writing in bathroom stalls and random thoughts scrawled in books interesting, to the point that I'm also considering doing a photo series on bathroom art and used bookstores. I've never been one to leave my own message behind simply because it's a highly temporary artform that only appeals to lower forms of humanity and those with a sick interest in the deterioration of culture and human behavior. However, what if you were to hone this artform to target a key demographic? Office workers, college students, coffee shop snobs, book store elitists. I was inspired last night by a scene out of Invisible Monsters. Business cards. Most people, upon finding a business card, will at the very least read them. Each card will have it's own, unique observation about life. It may be a quote from someone, it may be something out of my own skull. Below will be a url to a fairly simple page, no content, just an email address. The project works on two different levels. First, the visitor logs for the site. I'll be able to see just how many people out there are finding these cards and actually hanging on to them (or at least memorizing the url to go visit it later). Second, there's the opportunity for one of these cards to actually have an effect on someone. Maybe not a terribly profound impact on their life, but something small. The worst that could happen is they could throw it away.

RevFajita: i think i need a hobby ;-)
SilentOne2k: I think this is your hobby.
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