June 12th, 2003


a lesson in living life using life as a lesson

I'm always amused when I reveal something about myself to a close friend that they never would've believed otherwise. There's just something about that moment of shock that makes me smile. It's almost as good as surprising them with a gift of some sort, only more entertaining.
Productivity is seeping into my bones again. I spent the latter half of my evening working on The Great Music ReOrganization project, mostly just copying stuff from mp3 cds to my hard drive. Whilst doing this, I began work on a compilation cd, something similar to my sleep playlist. I'll enjoy it and I can think of at least one other person that might appreciate having it in the near future. <3
and the stars look very different tonight...
Some evenings you have to keep in mind that some people and things are important to you and that you don't want to commit Sepuku. Thankfully, that time has passed.
Sherm'll get sick of these <hr> tags and kill me eventually. Ah well.
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Seriously though

"Love your life." Quite cliche but I guess thats me, a ball of pop culture with some arms and feet

Life is amazing sometimes. Weeks will pass and life in Electric Larryland becomes routine, buzzes and clicks when you expect them, lightning scorches across the carpet with a regularity that we almost enjoy the quick zap as we pass each other. A minor comment here, a friendly smile there, a longing glance. Suddenly you're somewhere you'd never have guessed you'd be a week before. *snap* The routine hasn't changed, but your whole outlook on it is vastly different than it was even days before. And it happened so quick that you'd have sworn you were always this way because there was never a shift. A new set of circumstances and all can be right with the world again. The sun still sets the same as it did the day before. The grass still grows and the wind still blows. All it took was something to remind me to appreciate what I've got in my life. Now every morning I wake up, look out on that world, and realize just how wonderful the world can be. I'm thankful to have had that realization thrust upon me.
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