June 3rd, 2003


Movie Night post #512

So I've already changed the movie plan for the night once. The current list is Almost Famous (which I'm becoming rather iffy about), Empire Records, and High Fidelity. However, because I'm shaky on whether or not I want to show Almost Famous, I'm considering revising the movie list again. Here are my secondary choices:

  • Hannibal Lector Night

  • Red Dragon, Silence Of The Lambs, and Hannibal

  • Anime films

  • Metropolis, The Animatrix, and Ghost In The Shell (depends on what is available at Video Library)

Your thoughts? Let me know soon if you have a preference or if you are morally opposed to one of these choices.

read internal.log

<insert more cheerful post here to let the world know that i'm not totally wrapped up in inner turmoil>

self: it helps when you have something more convincing to say. that statement leads me to believe that you're just fooling yourself.
me: ...i hate you.
self: so you concede that you're not happy and that you really are wrapped up in inner turmoil?
me: no, i just hate you. sure, life sucks right about now. i had to divert funds today that were supposed to go to fixing my car to fixing the spare car so that the number of working cars in the house stayed above zero. my heart and brain are dueling with one another over issues that they won't even share with us, much less the populace at large. about half the people that are important to me are leaving either in the near future or by the end of the summer, for an indefinite amount of time in most cases. in general, i ought to be an emotional wreck right about now.
self: ought to be? that sounded rather thought out for someone that ISN'T an emotional wreck.
me: there have been a couple occasions, but i'm dealing with them as they come. just because life sucks sometimes doesn't mean i can't be optimistic or that i can't enjoy the good things in my life right now.
self: again with the delusion...
me: perhaps.
self: no one ever said life was going to be easy, my friend. of course, i never thought you'd get this far.
me: your faith in our continued existance warms my heart.
self: really?
me: no you dick. let's go kill some zombies.
self: sounds good to me. oh, you meant real zombies and not you. oops.
me: ...have i mentioned that i hate you?
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