May 21st, 2003


bringing you the news you missed for too damn long

Hey locals, you know anything about The Poolroom in Lawrence? There's a hiphop show featuring Murs and Brother Ali there on June 13th that I'm thinking about going to (hopefully I can con some other people to come with).

Speaking of hiphop, I'm skimming the Non-Prophet forums reading through the anti-war section of the forum and I find this info about experiments secretly performed on the American public (and people abroad in some cases). I've read about most of this stuff elsewhere, but it's a good comprehensive list for those who might be interested. There's some other stuff further down on that page that's worth reading (I've been reading about Frank Olson lately, scary stuff), but then the thread just degenerates into a childish discussion of the death penalty.

Good old Vonnegut. I'd like to read more of his recent work (essays, books, what-not), he always seems to be able to tie history together with today in an interesting fashion.

It seems that the power of the vote is being relinquished to even younger groups in a few places around the country. I'm all for allowing people 16 and up vote. By the time I was 16, I'd already established many of my political philosophies (though sometimes I was a bit naive). Most teens who would go out and vote are knowledgable about the candidates and their stands on the issues. Those who shouldn't be allowed to vote won't vote anyway. An interesting fluke of the system, in any case.

Remember that picture of the woman with the giant welts on her jawline from being shot with wooden pellets in Oakland during a war protest? An interesting piece about those pellets and the situation in general.
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