May 15th, 2003

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never ask if i'm posting something to LJ...

NuitCiel: ...I have to break up with John.
RevFajita: um, ok
RevFajita: why?
NuitCiel: he used to play pokemon.
NuitCiel: and isn't ashamed.
NuitCiel: and says it was FUN
NuitCiel: ...I knew it wouldn't last.
RevFajita: as in the gameboy game or the card game?
NuitCiel: card game.
RevFajita: eww
RevFajita: that's too bad
NuitCiel: god, and he was so pretty.
RevFajita: you had sex with someone that played the pokemon card game
NuitCiel: even pretty people can go HORRIBLY HORRIBLY wrong.
RevFajita: you've got the taint
NuitCiel: SHUT UP!
NuitCiel: oh, stop it.
RevFajita: ohmigod, i think i might have touched you!
NuitCiel:'re posting this to LJ, aren't you?


NuitCiel: I'm upgrading mike's computer for father's day.
NuitCiel: I'm doing it now
NuitCiel: but he'll know it's for then.
RevFajita: upgrading it how?
NuitCiel: so I'll be back in about 30 minutes after I show this machine who's bitch.
NuitCiel: I say "upgrading" because it sounds cool.
NuitCiel: I got him a sweet CD-RW and an ethernet card.
RevFajita: so when it's done making you it's bitch....
NuitCiel: it's upgrading, goddamnit
NuitCiel: stop it.
RevFajita: ;-)
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