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May 9th, 2003 - Revisionist Historian Extraordinaire! — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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May 9th, 2003

chasing an ever-elusive caveman in space ships that makes trips to the futures that are name-brand [May. 9th, 2003|12:22 pm]
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Chad shared this interesting article about the word "ain't" and why it is a proper word. I remember once having an argument with Mrs. Ramirez junior year of high school about this. She got upset that someone had said "I ain't going to be able to stay after school today" because they used improper english to tell her this. I tried to defend them by pointing out that Mark Twain used "ain't" as a contraction for "am not" in his Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer books. Apparently in her world, it was inconcievable that depictions of characters from the south in the 19th century could possibly be using proper english, even when you take into account that Mark Twain was one of the premier essay writers of the time period, not just here but worldwide. She ended the argument by pulling out a handy-dandy dictionary and pointing out to me that it was listed as a slang word. Nevermind that this was one of those cheap dictionaries that high schools keep in classrooms for general usage and not a nice unabridged dictionary that would give you a minor history of a word. I'm still bitter at how worthless that woman was.

Plan for the day: Going home shortly to take a nap, then I'm heading out for the night to hang out with Jamie. Tomorrow, Swope Park, 6:30 am. Dear deities whose hands I don't put my life in because I like taking responsibility for myself: Shoot me. On the plus side, between there and coming back here to the office to work, I'll be pulling in an extra 8 or 9 hours of pay. Still. Blech.
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