April 10th, 2003


you may have some friends who think it's "cool" to stockpile VX nerve gas, but it's not

Strange, I seem to have an evil british doppelganger on LJ. I'm not surprised that a derivative of my username is out there, but we share a reasonable number of interests and paths in life.

You urban decay kids will enjoy this: Photographic tour of abandoned underground missile complex.

Boondocks has been removed from circulation in several major papers. Apparently Doonesbury is the only comic allowed to have a political agenda.

So many things available eBay, but not a single Saddam portrait. I know these things are getting torn to shreds and pissed on and set aflame, but can't someone just ship me one of them for my wall o'fascists? Preferably the one mentioned on NPR yesterday where he's frolicking on a mountain-side in a very Sound Of Music fashion.