March 6th, 2003


This is CNN.

Looks like the movie night for April will probably be on the 19th, based on my poll. Still plenty of time between now and the end of the month though. If you haven't voted yet and might come, go vote. A theme hasn't been decided yet. I think it might be a surprise. :)

Speaking of movie night, anyone that plans on coming ought to give me a call on my cell sometime soon (unless you are Jen, Dan, or Ryan, in which case we've spoken). I need to gauge what to get to drink, whether pizza will be ok, etc etc etc. 913-206-4186. Probably shouldn't write that in a public post, but I'm sure you've all gotten the need to write my number on bathroom walls out of your system. Besides, I'll come back and erase it later.
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    NPR commentators discussing tonights presidential press conference