February 18th, 2003


they leave it up to the weather to measure the cost

Plans for the evening:

  • Watch last week's episode of 24 prior to this evening's episode.

  • Compile hip hop mix tape for Leslie.

  • Get more cds ripped.

  • Laundry.

  • Straighten out life and get everything organized and worked out.

Next week's trip to Iowa is officially cancelled. I decided that rather than drive all that way for a show that, while I'd enjoy it, I might not enjoy it enough to make it worthwhile to drive that far, I'll just go to Lawrence to see 30 Seconds To Mars instead the following week. March 3rd at the Bottleneck, all ages, $14 a ticket, starts at 8 pm. Chevelle is the headliner, so it ought to be a good show. Jared Leto will feel my eyedaggers of jealousy and DOOM! :)

Movie night news

The first official movie night is tenatively scheduled for March 8th barring any major dissent. That's not this saturday, but the following. If this doesn't work for you, let me know soon so I can look into rescheduling. Otherwise, we'll be meeting at my house (email/call me for directions) at 5:30 pm, with the first movie starting at 6:00 pm (I don't want to start this early, but if we start at 6:30, then the series of films we show that night won't be over until almost 1 am). I haven't talked to my mom about food, so I may end up ordering pizzas or taking a poll as to what people would like (as well as for soda/juice). Of course, if you'd like to bring food of some sort, feel free.

I've decided that we will in fact be watching the Jersey Chronicles for the first evening. We will kick it off with Mallrats, followed by Clerks, Chasing Amy, and rounding it out with Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back. Why no Dogma? Because there were hardly any references to the earlier films and JASBSB hardly refers to it either. To me, the movie was more of a spin-off to the series than an actual part of it, so I'm setting it aside for another night. Besides, without it we'll still be watching almost 7 hours of movies. I'll be surprised if everyone lasts that long and won't be (too) upset if anyone decides to bail early, but I hope everyone stays to the end.

Oh, and if you have to ask why I'm showing Mallrats first, then you'd better show up for a refresher course my friend. :) I may move the movies back into their proper order after a discussion with Brandon. We'll see how I feel at the time/what other people think.
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Hey Chrissy, I seem to recall you saying you had some crazy love for Low (whose music I've still never heard of). I just thought you might like to know. :)

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Change in movie night date: March 8th work out for people? I'll shift it back if this is less convenient for more people than the 1st. Feedback y0.