February 5th, 2003


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Hmm, now the All Beatles station who became an All Rolling Stones station who became an All Led Zeppelin station who became an All Van Halen station has become an All U2 station. As much fun as this has been, could you fellows in charge of that station make up your bloody minds? According to Hearne "Fat Head" Christopher, it might end up as a medium weight rock station between 98.9 and 101 or it might end up as a hip-hop station. Personally, I'd like an actual hip-hop station as opposed to the mish-mash of R&B/rap/hip-hop that 103.3 has offered for eons, but I'm sure it'd end up sucking. C'est la vie...
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Seriously though

ever since i was a young boy, i played the silver ball...

life tends to be full of moments where what you want to do and ought to do don't coincide with what you actually end up doing. words that you should've shared, love you should've expressed, unhappiness that you should've admitted to. there are so many times in my life where i've wanted to reach out to someone and just hold them until the pain went away. so many things i wish i'd have said and so many times where i wish there were words to say. regret is a fact of life sometimes. what's worse are those occasions where there's still an opportunity to speak up and you just can't bring yourself to do it. though that latter bit may be something i'm more akin to suffering from than most people are...

finished reading High Fidelity this evening. even better than the movie, to be honest. left me thinking about far too much. i've grown up far too quickly. i've got another 15 years to feel like i do.
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