January 27th, 2003

Plain old Zod...

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I wonder if the Jedi Guide To Life has any helpful suggestions for a fledgling Jedi who strives to be good but finds himself enjoying delving in the dark side now and then. I'm sure use of the force in a dark fashion is bad even if it's done for the sake of good. C'est la vie.

Am I still babbling here?

I'd scribble about the weekend, but it would be half as interesting to hear the gory details as it was to live them. Friday night was XO and the drinky drink with Chrissy. I didn't really drink a lot. But much fun was had. I'll have to go more often, though this week is a bust (other plans already). Got my cracker jiggy on, much to Chrissy's amusement. Passed out on her papasan around 2:30 am. Saturday night I had a quick dinner with Heather. Pretty uneventful. Dropped her off at home because she felt like going home, then drove around until 9ish and came home. Sat up talking to people online until some ungodly hour (3 am is for zombies, drunks, and party animals, not for g33ks...) Sunday I slept and slept and slept, then went to my mom's bf's for some super bowl dinner. Stuck around until midway through third quarter, then my brother and I bailed from lack of things to capture our attention. Overall, a neutral weekend.

Wednesday night - movies
Friday night - plans, but those are still formulating in ye olde noggin'
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