November 27th, 2002

Seriously though

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quick update: yes, i'm alive, albeit rather quiet. been a busy week. thank goodness we've got a holiday and a 4 day weekend. too bad sunday will be spent at airports. i leave sunday for a week long training in Burlington, Massachusetts, just outside of Boston. i come back home the following sunday. i may or may not have my cell phone on me (that has yet to be discussed with my mother since it's technically hers). haven't figured out what i'm doing while i'm there, that's the plan for this weekend. Thren: if you'd like to meet up sometime while i'm there for food/entertainment/whatever, I'll be available by 5:30 pm monday through friday for whatever, and i'll be free all day saturday. shoot me an email at (i don't use the address for anything, so i'll get it) or call my cell (the number is here) and we'll figure things out. :)

i may or may not post while in Boston to let everyone know how i am. we'll see if i can find an internet connection at some point. be good while i'm gone...