October 21st, 2002


you're just like an angel, your skin makes me cry...

reason #9075 that i'm a sad human being: i managed to recognize the sample in the background of the track i'm currently listening to as one from Laurie Anderson, whom most people have never even heard of. sadder still was i was able to pull out that album and confirm it. *shakes his head*
sorting out some things right now, thinking i should put my current emotional issues in the wood chipper and move forward with life. they're making things too complicated and i know there's no way of resolving them. it's one thing to say that and another thing entirely to do it. the perfect solution that won't possibly happen: a new and unexpected relationship with someone who shares my outlook and a number of my interests with no expectations of what will happen next or where we'll be in a year, 9 months, or 6 weeks. liklihood of this: .025% chance.
cancelled my mini-road trip plans for this weekend because i'd forgotten kat's birthday was saturday. must remember to go get her the surprise present that she must have. ;) mini-road trip rescheduled for next weekend, heather has already been notified of the change in plans.

perhaps i'll have a news post for you fun folks later...
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