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October 14th, 2002 - Revisionist Historian Extraordinaire! — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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October 14th, 2002

(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2002|11:38 am]
Some idiot out there has gotten the media talking about the sniper in D.C. as some sort of mythical gamer nerd gone mad. "There's games -- one in particular is called 'Silent Scope' -- and other home computer video games that simulate police officers or military personnel on missions . . . and a sniper weapon is included in those as well," he said. "They could give you a feel for tracking moving targets. They could desensitize you to the idea of killing a human being." Maybe it's just me, but I'm growing weary of people blaming violent video games for things. Video games don't desensitize people and make them willing to kill other humans, lack of human contact and an internalized hatred for people desensitizes you. If we, as a society, made an effort to make our fellow humans feel welcome instead of ridiculing them because they don't wear the right clothes or they listen to the wrong music or their grades are too high or they don't participate in the right clubs or they look funny, then maybe we wouldn't have nerdy guys occasionally shooting someone because he was unhappy. Besides, if they were really using these "killing simulators" to learn how to shoot people, they'd be much better shots. Let's get real everyone. Our problem isn't that video games are breeding hatred and violence. Our problem is that video games are providing comfort to those who can't find comfort in their fellow human beings. Our problem is that we are a society who breeds hatred for others.

stupid Penny Arcade got me all riled up...
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(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2002|04:24 pm]
[Your mom ain't listening to |Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication]

congratulations everyone, you're 4 steps from Robert Downey, Jr, 5 steps from Donald Trump, and 4 steps from the entire puppet cast of Labyrinth (well, 3 steps from Bowie because he's my step into Labyrinth). i shouldn't be allowed to be this bored...
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