October 8th, 2002


the rumors of my death were greatly exaggerated...

i'll do a regular update post in a bit about my weekend and last night's trip to the comedy club, but first, a little business. thank you to those who posted comments of concern yesterday to my post, however your concern was misplaced. my belief that i'm a horrible person doesn't mean that i don't also think i have the capacity for greatness as well. every person has some duality to their being. however, i felt the need to admit that i have the capacity to be a terrible beast as much as i can be a loving friend. recognizing that i have that within me and embracing it as all that i am are two different things. in any case, it was a side issue that had come up out of the context of the ideas that preceded it. i'm not understood by anyone and to everyone i portray something a little different. i guess i'm just tired of being something in other people's eyes that i'm not. *chuckles* i long for the impossible, someone who understands who i am, someone who can rip my life apart at the seams without breaking a sweat, who knows my deep dark fears and secrets without my needing to tell them outright. i demand completeness from another human being because i don't feel complete alone and i can only know completeness when they understand me as well as i understand myself. i'm far too needy in that respect.
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friday night: Chuck E. Cheese for my brother's birthday. craziness abounds. then out with Leslie to see Red Dragon and eat food. good times.
saturday: went to renfest with subvert, had a good time. got to hear heather sing. i'd forgotten how good of a singer she was, it's been so long since i'd really heard her sing. bought a staff while i was out there for $20.
saturday night: went to the Sabbat game with Leslie and gang. bleh. made me want to start up the game with Ryan even more. did some rethinking of my tremere character for our chronicle.
sunday: went to renfest again, this time with my brother. we had fun. broke down and bought a cloak while i was out there. it's comfy and warm. :) ran into a lot of various people.

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