September 18th, 2002


this one time at band camp...

my life simply isn't believable. if i didn't live it, i wouldn't believe any of it was real. sometimes i worry when i'm telling one of my clever anecdotes about my life that the person hearing it doesn't believe me because it's too fantastic to believe. who would believe that when i was 15, i was amongst a group of fairly skilled improv comedians who were trying to put together a cable access show? i've been nearly killed by two tornados at once, pulled over by the police on numerous occasions just for being a white suburbanite teenage male, slipped into the Spider-man movie, dropped out of college with a job most people couldn't get after graduating, blah blah blah. and those are just the decent stories that i can tell in family restaurants. a legion of clever, witty, or pithy anecdotes about my life, most of which are too fantastical to believe. i hope they never make a movie of my life, they'll screw it up.
after the odd events of the last week, i've decided that life might just turn out to be ok after all. sometimes you just have to look at the positive side of things and remember that it can't rain all the time. :)
y0 Jamie, got any time in the next millenium to hang out? ;)
today doesn't seem like it'll be terribly productive. ah well.
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