September 14th, 2002

ugh my head..., see what office life will get ya?

quick update

made it to McPherson just fine. beat a storm here, how nice. going out to eat soon. looks like i'm getting the boot from the abuse team unless i find an internet connection that i can reliably work from. i'm not going to begin to rant about how annoyed that makes me. those who care have already heard my complaints about how abuse is going right now. suffice to say, they'll be losing a storehouse of knowledge from before most of them were on the team as well as a level-headed volunteer. c'est la vie. if i cared too much about it, i guess i'd live online and work abuse all the time instead of trying to remove my dependence on the internet and replace it with a real life (at least i'll use that as an excuse for not having a real internet connection outside of work...)

i might update again before i leave for home.
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